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Alrighty, first off I just wanted to say sorry for taking so long to view and review the Harnois Hobbies DVD. Adam had it sent out to me in a wicked fast time frame and I was holding off watching it until my gf and I finally had a few hours free in which to watch it. Plus I kept on forgetting it at my house on my desk (when I would go to her house).. oops. Anyhoo, tonight we finally sat down to watch it !

The editing job is phenomenal, very professional looking. The intro sequence really caught my attention and got me interested in watching what would be next. I must say watching it go through the whole event was very interesting. The first few races were interesting to see how the field was starting to stack up. Then, cars started to have issues and breakdowns happened and the field changed yet again. Those poles were really taking a toll on the cars. Once the final races were coming up, I thought I knew who the winner would be..... and I was wrong! Intense racing at its best.

My girlfriend was really getting involved with the dvd and was commenting about how real the racing looked. She loved all the different angles and it gave you a good view of the race. She also mentioned that she loved the scenes where the wheels came popping

The bloopers reel was rather funny as well (the person getting smacked in the head with the antenna tube)... and the crazy crashes! Shows you how tough these little cars are. I really liked the photo gallery feature on the dvd as well. Having the cars showcased like that really added something to the dvd. The track build information was interesting to see how it all came together.

Overall, it was a very well done DVD. You can see the time and effort that went into putting it together.

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