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Originally Posted by Nerve View Post
Yeah I think the 1:12 pan cars are meant to run 4 cells tho arent they?
Yeah I looked up the ROAR rules. They have a 4-cell road course class and then an oval class for 1/12th scale. They are made for 4-cell but no doubt they could be made for more, no doubt they could have a more open 1/12th scale road course racing class, and yet they don't. People pack all kinds of volts and cells and motors in their micros but yet in 1/12th scale, a bigger car, they stick to 4-cell for road course racing. Which I just think is interesting. We got a new guy that just started racing with us who used to race 1/12th scale road courses in the New York area, so I've been asking him a bit about that. He really seems to like what we have going on here. Our "rules" keep it simple and inexpensive, so that it all comes down to the fun of driving. Our cheeks get sore from laughing so much while racing!

Originally Posted by Nerve View Post
For the size of area we have, a stock micro class would be boring as heck.
Unless you made the track so narrow and curvy and intricate that stock speed would be enough, and then you'd have such a long track and so many turns that it would take like a whole minute to get around it.

Originally Posted by Nerve View Post
But I think if the rules were changed to have only one motor used or something, then yeah it would be closer.
Our experience so far is to specify the motor, battery, and tires. It's simple and does the trick of keeping everyone at about the same performance and traction levels.
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