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Originally Posted by alfred View Post
Im watching the Bonus features now, Bloopers, more crashing etc......i can tell you guys now that you guys went all out with this vid....i have seen tires popping off and for me i just put down a small drop of CA too keep the tires in oh did i mention the crashes......they were great. And for those members that want to see the track layout and there rides then you should get this vid, def worth the money.......Mr. H did a good job with the footage and i have never seen an M18 or MRS4 crash like they do......its a good thing. The vid has a lot of features and pics of there rides as well and my wife even enjoyed it. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and keep them coming.
Thanks Alfred! Glad you enjoyed it. We're not aiming to keep the tires in place, hehe, cos it is funny when they fly off in crashes. With our sprint race format the damaged car doesn't miss much racing anyway.
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