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Originally Posted by harnois View Post
In ROAR they have a 1/12th scale 4-cell class, when you know those cars could be made much faster. So surely we are not the first to recognize the value of keeping the cars down to a smoother speed.

Since the cars have less momentum and less speed difference between them, it is possible for them to nudge each other around a lot more without knock'n each other out of the race, thus staying in the battle. And the fun is in the battles.
Yeah I think the 1:12 pan cars are meant to run 4 cells tho arent they? SC sized I think is what our guys were running. I know those are so amazing to watch doing laps around the track. I sometimes get mesmerized watching them when im out marshalling and stop paying attention to cars that flip over or get stuck.. lol.

Very true about keeping the speeds down. I'm running a T.O big block, friend of mine is running mamba brushless, someone else is running stock, my girlfriend runs T.O Big block (but can't drive that well..yet). So there really is a wide range of cars. For the size of area we have, a stock micro class would be boring as heck. But I think if the rules were changed to have only one motor used or something, then yeah it would be closer.

Originally Posted by harnois View Post
Yeah we hardly ever break anything. We do wear things out, mostly the suspension joints.
Spur gears for me. Suspension as far as I know is ok. Broke my share of knuckles however. Once I got GPM knuckles tho, I was good to go for the rest of the season. Worthwhile upgrade.
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