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Just as BilboBaggins and Erock 808 have eluded to, I have driven my T100's as hard if not harder than my 18T and the Mini-Inferno stadium truck in extreme off-road conditions. As can be attested to in pics and videos. Yet I can only say that what has had to be replaced was minimal if not just expected maintenance.

To date..

2 spur gears (one due to a temp Mamba installation)
2 complete bearing set changes (standard maintenance considering they run exclusively off-road)
2 High Torque Motors and one out of the Twin Motor High Performance Motors setup. (again, expected due to the 'slotted can' being run in exteme off-road conditions)
1 TX went berserk on me.

Everything else I changed and/or modified was for the sake of improving handling and performance.

As for my 18T and Mini Inferno/ST, I have spent more money on replacing pinion gears, spur gears, differentials, tie-rods, dog-bones, bearings and a-arms etc.. for each than what they cost as RTR's. Btw, just recieved the latest new set of (3)diff's for the Inferno.


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