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Mini-T stuff must go...

Alright, my first post here. Did I post this in the correct forum?

I am cleaning out my shop and selling off 90% of my rc stuf. First to go is the Losi Mini-T cars and parts. I dont want to spend an hour typing every component , so here is the quick summary.

1 like new complete car in the box, aftermarket suspension, steering and shocks.
1 custom built carbon fiber car, all aftermarket everything, Mamba Comp X brushless
1 carbon buggy kit, new, never been touched, chassis pan, body and misc,
Enough parts and bodies to build 2 or 3 more stock cars. There is a new clear Losi body, new parts to make a late model car (body wheels, bumpers etc) wheels, wheels, wheels...shocks and parts out the wahzoo. I probably only have one or two Losi transmitters, but there are 3 or 4 receivers in the parts bags

I have a brand new Mamba Sport brushless kit in the box I will throw in too. 3 or 4 Losi battery packs a couple aftermarket and 1 lipo that fits the carbon chassis. (no pic, but I can add if there is interest)

Purpose of this post is to check interest and market value. I am sure I have over a thousand in all this, but I have a realistic idea of what I think it may be worth (a very small fraction of retail). I figured i would offer it here before going to eBay. If you are interested, email me. I will try to check the website daily, but sometimes my work hours get in the way...

Anybody interested? Very motivated seller, I would rather see someone use it, than collect dust on my shelves...

Here are a few cell phone pics;

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