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I located the cause of the crazy servo. I measured my bec voltage and it's around 7.5-7.9 volts. I have no idea why it suddenly got so high. I'm guessing the lipos damaged the bec circuit on my esc. The esc functions well otherwise. To verify this was the problem i disconnected the red wire from the esc to receiver and powered the receiver with 4 AA and everything ran smoothly. So i'm thinking of getting an external BEC instead of a whole new esc.

On the bright side, when testing the car with the 4AA on the receiver and the lipo running the esc, it was crazy fast even hauling around 4 extra heavy AA, and the new servo has loads of torque. So at least i know what the problem is now and how to fix it.

I was wondering if there is some other way to reduce my bec voltage down to 6V from the 7.5 it's at now instead of using an external bec?
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