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Yeah the track is the narrowest I've ever seen anyone make. I learned when we first started playing around with on-car video, before this track existed, that the on-car action is better when the track is narrower because the shape of the track and other cars are more in-front of the cam car instead of out of view off to the side. Also just that there's more interaction between the cars when passing keeps it interesting. the things like the red-white rumble strip, the dips and rises, and other picturesque items also really help to make the on-car more interesting. Besides I actually looked up the width of full size road courses. The indianapolis road course circuit, for example, the one used for Formula 1, is something like 45 feet avg width, so my 28" width is proportional for 18th scale. As you can see we can still apex the turns and race cleanly. These days though there are more like 4 or 5 or even 6 cars vying for position instead of just 2, so it gets a bit wilder, especially if we're still running in a tight pack going into the last lap!
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