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It's up to you. In some ways the 65 could be considered an upgrade, and in some, it's not. If you get the 65MG (as opposed to the 65BB), you can tighten up the servo saver, but you'll have to find the correct screw. I just don't know how the DS285MG became so popular. For $50, it's pretty weak and slow, but I suppose that's to be expected given it's tiny size. Also, the reason you heard buzzing from the servo is because it's digital. So that's normal. I'm not going to stop you from purchasing the 65, though. If you find one for a good price, pick it up to drop it in your Recoil. The 65 is almost sized between mount choices, so it's possible my calculations are incorrect and it will require a different set of mounts than what I specified.

Now, if you have a RC18 you know how sloppy the servo saver can be. The plastic spring must be modified or replaced to get adequate response. If you don't do that, you're better off with the stock saver. The XRay M18 servo saver is considered the best, end-all be-all replacement, but I don't have one to check fitment. I'll go over the rest of the servo saver modifications and replacement options tomorrow.

If you could unpack your micro RS4's to check fitment of either the 85 or 81, as I believe they use the same case, that'd be great. If not, no worries. I'll go back through those threads I linked to and download the pictures to check servos and mounts.
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