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Yup, I had to stop halfway through, there were more servos that I realized. Thanks for your help, I'll add that info to the servo post. That website you found is pretty informative. Must be where "duneland" first got a list of servos to try, since he recommended most of the ones listed there. What I don't understand is why two RCTech members recommend the HS-225 but you can't get it to work. I'm not going to add is until it's confirmed to work with the servo mounts. What part of the servo is getting in the way? Once I finish the servo list I'll add a small paragraph describing how to tighten up the servo saver, since it's made to protect the wimpy stock servo and is much too soft for a high torque or metal gear servo.

My ACS springs arrived today. Shipping was more than the price of both packages. One of the springs in the package of blues looks different than the rest, so I'll give Associated a call. It appears a much thicker spring with a different rate was either painted blue or a blue spring for another shock found its way into a ACS package. I'm about to order some spare spur gears and hinge pin mounts on eBay in preparation of getting the car running this weekend. Luckily the battery hold-down works with the Rhino LiPo I purchased, but only with the pack shifted all the way towards the front. I'd like to make a list of which LiPos, other than the overpriced Losi Mini Late Model/Slider pack, fit in place of a 6- or 7-cell 2/3A pack. This means a width of less than 32mm and a height of less than 18mm.

I think now would be a good time to share my idea for painting the clear body. After seeing a Scion tC painted in maroon the other day, I haven't been able to get that color out of my head! It was a super rich and deep color, unlike any maroon I have ever seen before. It's called "black cherry pearl," but I'm at a loss at how to paint it. My only guess is going with a light layer of Pactra Candy Purple, and then backing it with Pactra Metallic burgandy, hoping the second color would add a bit of sparkle and show through the candy coat.
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