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I have to agree...Very well-written review of the Recoil. Your addressing of the diff issues were spot-on, and I'll have to take a lot of that into account when I hit the LHS next time.
One item that wasn't mentioned, however, was the use of brushed motors. (Some of us are still old-school, and won't spend the money on converting everything over to B/L)...The Pro motor mount is a very ingenious system, but it's a little tight for some motor shaft bearings. (It's different than the RTR version). I had to use a dremel on the inner edge of mine in order to get the motor to mount flush with the mounting block. The pro version doesn't come with a motor, but the stock Sportwerks E370 motor is a good place to start. It has bearings in the comm shaft, and replaceable motor brushes. The price is cheap, as well ($15 US). I found this motor comes alive with 7cells (8.4v), and runs only slightly warmer than I'd like, using the 14/58 gearing combo. I think a decent heatsink on the motor would help that issue. I haven't tried any other 370-400 size motors, but there are many available. The Sportwerks recommended "upgrade" motor is a 370 size, called the XLR8. It retails for around $30-32 USD.

One last personal note: Kavvika, you're obviously not a "newbie" in RC, and I've enjoyed reading your posts, but painting bodies (especially the Recoil) is very easy. They all come with window masks, and decals. One can of spray paint, and you're hooked up.
Keep up the great posts.
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