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Mahalo's alfred

Yah this thing has been working pretty dang good lately!

Here's some pics of the new lid.

But if you know me then you know I probably am going to change something again!hehehehe

Well I was able to acquire a RCP 2.2 Hustler tuber chassis from my Buddy Mr. Ronbeck

So despite plans to not use it just yet I switched over the axles to the Hustler! hehehe

This thing looks so KEWL!!!! And works pretty dang good! Not as well as the Black Widow but not to far off either!

Only got about 15 minutes of runtime with though before snapping another TLT axle shaft and a plastic pede yoke.

I had spares luckily so was able to get things fixed.

But I also just picked up an Axial AX-10 in a good deal! So the TLT's may not be on the Hustler for very long? Just did'nt want to deal with the TLT axles anymore and the price to strengthen them was close to the price I got the AX-10 for!

I am also working on building up a new Comp Rig with some other axles.

So the TLT's may go back to Semi Scale duty with the Axials being setup for Comp Use. And the New Axles are for Comp Duty!
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