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Stuf I Want

[01] Golden Horizon Purple Front Alloy Puley x4 ----
[02] GPM Race Purple Front Alloy Dog Bone MH214A
[03] GPM Race Purple Front Alloy X Shock MHFS01
[04] GPM Race Purple Rear Aloy Dual Shock FMH015A
[05] GPM Race Purple Rear Alloy Micro VCS Oil Damper Shock MH351
[06] HPI Racing Spring Set Blue Green Rear ----
[07] Jet Purple Rear Alloy Bulkhead MRS4-15P
[08] Team Homiez Alloy Pinion Gear Set MRS025T 8t 9t 10t And Or MRS025S 11t 12t 13t 14t
[09] Trinity Purple Large Volume Shock EV4058 For EV10

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