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Part 2:

Bodies: The Mazda6 is a great-handling TC body, but as Sportwerks only offers it in two flavors, painted (black or blue) and clear, and as it's the only body made for the Recoil, it's hard to make yours stand out. The Sportwerks Tailwhip body, which is an unlicensed Nissan S15 design, comes painted red or clear and with Tailwhip body mounts, it will drop right on and give your chassis a tuner car look. Just make sure to remove those cheesy decals, as recent studies show they actually won't add 5hp. Craving pasta or just want to show your love for Italian girls? RCTech member "duneland" reports that the Carisma F360GTC body is a perfect fit as well. At $25, it's the cheapest and may very well be the only Ferrari you'll ever own. With a base color of red, it's decorated in racing livery with a white stripe and sponsor decals. These are the only two confirmed bodies for the Recoil, but since Carisma sells the GT14, which is the car the Horizon rebranded as the Recoil, with a multitude of different bodies, they should all fit. Make sure they're made for the GT14, not the M14, as the latter has adjustable wheelbase and/or width to fit each body to scale, like the micro RS4.

Upgrades: What few upgrades Horizon offers are already installed on the Recoil Pro. A steering rack ball bearing kit is offered, but it was pointed out that it might cause more slop than the bushing and will only attract dirt. Pass on that. There were once a handful of companies (CEFX, RatFactor) that produced real carbon fiber chassis' for the Recoil before the Pro version was released. All of the companies have stopped selling them, but recently, Exotek introduced their chassis. If you already have a Pro, this will offer little, if any benefit. It might be a competitive choice for racing, but for bashing, the Pros' graphite plates are cheaper to replace and more than stiff enough. The Exotek chassis comes with a trick carbon fiber battery hold-down, and they will be selling CF shock towers, as well.

Swaybars: There are two swaybars that are reported to fit with some massaging: the Losi Mini-LST and the Vendetta 'bars. Little information is know about fitment, since no pictures have been taken of the installation. The Mini-LST kit is cheaper and apparently fits the best. It is highly unlikely that Horizon will release their planned swaybar kit anymore.
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