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  1. im seriously considering getting a duratrash vendetta,, anyone else own one
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  13. here is another video for you to view
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  17. check out this jump.. yeah!!!!
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  22. Look what the mailman just delivered!
  23. video example of the gh3600
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  25. finally got my ST,,,,, cant wait to run it
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  27. truggy owners,,,,,, optional shocks?
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  37. new video..
  38. Bodies...
  39. my new tires.. they work great..
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  41. I think i just fried my esc
  42. MY TIRE REVIEW... finally
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  48. Graphite Chassis
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  50. the NEU powered vendetta.. speed runs
  51. flightpower evolight2s/permax 400/4d
  52. different buggy body
  53. new member
  54. NEU motor test at the track.. 1105/1.5y... vendettta ST
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  61. jaejw1?? i see your still rockin the 1/18's
  62. excellent tutorial to beefup your axles.
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  66. New Castle Creations motor...
  67. rc18 threaded shocks?????
  68. VXL 3m
  69. anyone make a servo mount...
  70. shop.tinyrc.com: 25% off Duratrax Vendetta Parts & Accessories